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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a new custom module in JooCart which is not existed with the standard package?

1.[Ignore the steps from 1 to 2 if you already have the modules]Download your new custom extensions which is not existed with JooCart or jCart(e.g OpenCart New Extensions)
2.Unzip and upload the contents of upload folder to "joomla_folder/components/com_opencart(com_jcart)" folder
3.Go to JooCart or jCart Menu Extension->Modules
4.Select your new uploaded modules and install and enable it.


If you want to display this module as a Joomla! left/right side module then you need to follow the following steps too
6.Install the "" joomla module as the following link How to install a module
Follow only first part instruction(JooCart or jCart module installation part).No need Module configuration part.
7.Go to Joomla Menu Extensions->Module Manager
8.Click New Button

9.Select New Custom Module and click Next button

10.Now give your new uploaded extension's ID(e.g. category, cart, bestseller, special, featured, information, latest, google_talk, affiliate, manufacturer, account, login etc) and Title and Save it.Extension id is same as extension's file name.


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