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How do I use the multi-shop/multistore feature in JooCart?

You can use mulsti-store feature with JooCart as same as opencart,see here how to use multi-store in opencart
But if you want to use different joomla templates,joomla settings, joomla modules etc for each store then follow the below instructions.
For multistore you must use one master installation(for admin panel),and several client installation
You should put all the products for all store in master installation admin panel.
For Client/second store installation, you should not use admin panel.Only frontend will be used.
Master/Main Store Installation:
Follow the installation process described in How to install JooCart
Client/Second Store Installation
1.Install file using Joomla Menu Extensions->Install/Uninstall
2.Go to JooCart admin panel,Find a button named "Parameters"(in Joomla 1.5.x) or "Options"(in Joomla 1.6.x-3.x) at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it(in Joomla >=1.6.x See in Preferences Tab).
Set No for "Use Joomla Database".
Put values for MAIN HTTP_SERVER URL, Database Username ,Database Password ,Host ,Database Name ,Database Tables Prefix of Master Installation.
3.No need to use admin panel of JooCart in this client/second store.
5.Install Joomla Modules
6.Enter products for this store in Master Installation using Master Installation's JooCart Admin panel

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