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How to install ioncube for Facebook Integration or WooCart?

1.In many sites ioncube is enabled by default.
2.In some sites,you need to ask your hosting provider to enable ioncube for your site.
3.In some cases,If hosting provider says your site is ioncube enabled and still you are seeing ioncube error for your OpenCart(not for JooCart or jCommerce),then backup and delete php.ini file from your OpenCart front-end directory and admin directory
4.For some sites ioncube is enabled,but you need to edit php.ini file for your every working directory. In that case follow the following instructios:
a.Download your required loader from and unzip and upload it to your public_html/ioncube folder.(i.e. upload to your public_html\ioncube folder)
b.Edit your frontend and administrator php.ini(your_joomla_site_root_directory/php.ini and your_joomla_site_root_directory/administrator/php.ini ).If php.ini does not exist,create a new one.
c.Put the following two lines in that php.ini file for linux server(change "/path/to/public_html/" according to your site)



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