JooCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

Options for showing left/right column of OpenCart as well as Joomla modules

Options for changing color of default template

Mobile supported theme

OpenCart inside

Bug Fixes:

Joomla 3.x registration issue

Menu Item id in jQuery url issue


ADDED By OpenCart Team

Klarna Payment Gateway
Product Filters
Categories, Downloads now use auto-complete to select
Updated the upgrade system
Tried to add a system to allow the cart to be passed across multiple domains
Added a system to allow users to decide what mime type files can be uploaded
Altered the system to no longer use binary utf-8 and use general instead.

FIXED by OpenCart Team

set the language class back tot he old style to avoid compatibility problems with extensions
add the load method for language back to the loader class
fixed an issue with deleting categories