JooCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

Extra codes of Joomla login integration are removed
New Joomla user deletion code
New vQMod Version 2.4.1
Integration of mobile theme with Joomla responsive theme
Much better Markup HTML
Option for Language Change according to default Joomla language
Reduce the possibility of  jQuery Conflict
New JooCart Options(Multilanguage ItemID,Module title option)
MySQLi database support
User Authentication Plugin
OpenCart inside

Bug Fixes:

Product option add to cart issue for some third party extension
vqMod issue for Admin Panel
Joomla title issue
Mobile theme issue
Joomla Login Integration issue
Joomla user profile integaration issue
Add to cart issue from Joomla module
Plugin Issue
Some security issue
Product additional image issue
Manual / Edit order with product option issue
Fixed bugs from OpenCart Team
vqMod Issue for joomla modules
Filter module issue with SEO url
Content Plugin Issue
Delete user issue and logout user issue with JooCart user plugin