JooCart,jCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

OpenCart inside

Bug Fixed since previous version:

1. Checkout issue
2. Joomla module issue
3. Footer hide issue
4. Joomla lanaguage integration issue
5. Mootools conflict issue
6. Joomla plugin directory issue
7. Additional alert email issue
8. Custom color change issue from JooCart Options
9. Modal popup issue
10.Register issue in checkout page
11.Customer delete issue
12.Some minor css issue
13.Popup modal issue
14.Maintanance mode issue
15.SEO URL improvement
16.Language text missing issue
17.template overrride issue
18.Joomla frontend admin issue
19.CSS issue with joomla shopping cart module
20.Responsive checkout issue
21.OpenBay issue
22.Connect with remote database issue
23. Session issue
24. SEO Url Issue
25. OpenBay image display issue
26. Code improvement
27. Mulit-language refresh issue when item is removed from cart
28. SEO Url Issue
29. Database connection issue
30. Category selection issue from Joomla menus
31. sim payment gateway issue
32. Important security issue
33. SEO URL issue
34. SIM payment gateway issue
35. Basic captcha issue
36. Admin users creation issue with different database
37. Filemanager scroll issue for some sites
38. Support for Facebook Integration(Language change Issue in facebook shop)

And bug fixes from OpenCart Team