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How to install WooCart?

Downloading WooCart 1. Download your WooCart package by clicking download link from your account
2. WooCart Package contains:
3. Download WOOCART_UNZIP_FIRST file
4. Unzip it,you will get
d) Others folder which contains zip files of older versions
Installation WooCart Unzip,you will get,README file.

1. Login to WordPress Admin Panel.
2. Go to Plugins -> Add New
3. Click on Upload link.
4. Click on Browse button and select file.
5. Click on Install Now button.Wait for a while you will see installation success message.

1. Unzip
2. You will see a woocart folder.Upload this woocart folder to pulic_html\wp-content\plugins folder
Activate WooCart 1. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins
2. You will see WooCart plugin there and Click on Activate link for WooCart(You will see Activate link under WooCart text).Wait for a while you will see success message.
3. Go to Settings -> WooCart Options and Set various options for WooCart.
4. You will see WooCart left menu to access WooCart Admin Panel with some sub menus.
5. You will also see a Shop menu in WordPress frontend.
Access WooCart Admin Panel 1. Go to new left menu WooCart->WooCart (
2. Enter default username and password
You will get default WooCart admin username and password in README.txt
3. Change the default admin password.Very Important!!!!
Install WooCart Widgets 1. Go to Appearance -> Widgets
2. You will see two widgets for WooCart (WooCart All in One Widget and WooCart Custom Widget)
3. Use WooCart All in One Widget to show modules of WooCart in sidebar .
4. Just drag and drop this widget in side bar
5. Select a WooCart module from select box(e.g Categories,Latest etc) and Save it
6. Make sure WooCart module is installed and enabled from WooCart Admin Panel: WooCart->Modules
7. Use WooCart Custom Widget to show new modules of WooCart in sidebar
Access WooCart Frontend 1. Go to WordPress Frontend (
2. You will see a Shop menu for WooCart,Click on it
Using WooCart Shortcodes WooCart has following shortcodes

[woocart_product product_id="40"]
[woocart_product product_id="40" show_title="1" show_description="1" show_image="1" image_height="150" image_width="150" show_price="1" show_rating="1" show_add_to_cart="1" add_notification_div="1"]

[woocart_pages route="common/home"]
[woocart_pages route="information/information" information_id="4"]

[woocart_extension extension_id="featured"]
[woocart_extension extension_id="featured_multiple_columns"]
[woocart_extension extension_id="featured.28"]
[woocart_extension extension_id="featured.28_multiple_columns"]

Fixed Bugs for WooCart 1. Download WooCart package regularly to get any new issue's fixed files.
2. Unzip file,you will get a Readme.txt file.
3. Follow the instructions from Readme.txt file.
Upgrading WooCart from older version 1. Unzip file.
2. You will get a Readme.txt file,follow the instructions from it.

If you have any questions or if you are facing any kind of issue then please feel free to submit a ticket Support Ticket

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