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How to install jCart?

Downloading jCart
1. Download your jCart package by clicking download link from your account
2. jCart Package contains:
b) this upgrade package only if you are an existing customer of older version)
c) you want to install an older version of jCart,then unzip it and search your required version within it)
3. Download file for new installation.

Installation jCart
Unzip,you will get,Readme.txt files

1. Go to Joomla Admin Panel Top Menu: Extensions->Manage->Install
2. Browse file and click "Upload & Install" button from "Upload Package File" section.
3. Done.

If you can not install using first method then use this method.
1. Open FTP connection to your Joomla site, locate and open tmp folder.
2. Upload using ftp in to your public_html(joomla_root_directory)/tmp folder.
3. Go to Joomla menu(Extensions->Manage->Install).
4. Give Install URL in "Install from URL" section as follows:
Install URL:
If you see error message "Error connecting to the server: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found Invalid URL" then put Install URL as follows:
Install URL: ../tmp/
5. Install it by clicking "Install" button from "Install from URL" section.
6. Now delete file from public_html(joomla_root_directory)/tmp folder(IMPORTANT).

If you can not install using first two methods then use this method.
1. Unzip all of the files locally(i.e unzip Then transfer the files (using FTP) to a folder in the tmp directory (for example /home/demophpsoft/public_html/tmp/pkg_jcart/) for the you are installing.
2. Also you can upload the file first(in /public_html/tmp/pkg_jcart/ folder) then extract it using a file manager which has extract feature.
3. Go to Joomla menu(Extensions->Manage->Install) but select "Install From Directory" indicating the correct folder name. This folder name should be an absolute path from the root of the filesystem(for example Install Directory: /public_html/tmp/pkg_jcart/).
4. Install it by clicking "Install" button from "Install From Directory" section.
5. Delete the pkg_jcart folder from tmp directory(e.g. /public_html/tmp/).

Access jCart Admin Panel
1. Go to Joomla Menu: Components->jCart
2. Enter default username and password
You will get default jCart admin username and password in README.txt
3. Change the default password.Very Important!!!!

Access jCart Frontend
1. Go to Joomla Menus->Main Menu
2. Click in "New" button.
3. Select Menu type as jCart->Home
4. Provide Menu Title(e.g. Shop etc),Alias(e.g. shop etc).
5. Save.
6. Go to jCart admin panel,Find a button named "Options" at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it(See in Preferences Tab). Now provide jCart Menu ID there.You will get this jCart shop menu item id from Joomla menu manager(e.g. 101) which you have just created. If you are using multi-language and you have multiple menu id for your shop menu item then put language prefix with equal sign before Item Id with comma separated values(e.g. en=101,nl=222,es=320).If you don't sure,then keep it blank.
7. Go to Joomla Frontend (
8. You will see a Shop menu for jCart,Click on it.

Changing jCart Default Options
1. Go to jCart admin panel,Find a button named "Options" at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it(in Joomla >=1.6.x See in Preferences Tab).
2. You will see there many options including using Joomla buttons,Single Admin Login etc.From there you can also show or hide jCart header,footer,category menu for frontend.

jCart Modules and plugins will be installed automatically during jCart package installation.
Enable jCart Modules
1. Go to Extensions->Modules ,then click on "New" button
2. Select jCart all in one module
3. Select your required module from "Select Module" list box
4. Put your module title,position,status etc and save it
5. Go to jCart Admin Panel Modules section(jCart Admin Panel Left Side Menu: Extensions->Extensions->Modules) and make sure your required module is also installed and enabled there.
(If you want to show modules in jCart left/right column instead of Joomla left/right sidebar module positions,then go to jCart Admin options, Set Hide left/right column:No and save. Now jCart left and right column will work as like as standard OpenCart.

Upgrading jCart from older version using Joomla! update system
1. Go to jCart admin panel,Find a button named "Options" at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it. See in Preferences Tab
2. Provide your Upgrade Package Download ID(You will get it from your Account->Downloads in and Order Email address(you will get it from your Account Information in there and save.
3. Now logout from Joomla and login again and browse jCart dashboard.Restart your browser.
4. Now you can update jCart using Joomla! update system from Joomla Admin Panel Top Menu->Extensions->Manage->Update

Manual Update
Download again jCart Upgrade Package zip file from
Unzip it . Within this unzipped upgrade package,you will find a README.txt file.
Follow the instructions mentioned in the README.txt file.

If you have any questions or if you are facing any kind of issue then please feel free to submit a ticket Support Ticket

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