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How to set up a frontend Joomla! menu item to show JooCart home?

1.Goto Joomla Menus->Main Menu
2.Click in "New" button
3.Select Menu type as JooCart->Home
4.Provide Menu Title(e.g. Shop etc),Alias(e.g. shop etc)
6.Go to JooCart admin panel,Find a button named "Options" at the top-right or top-left corner.Click on it(See in Preferences Tab). Now provide JooCart Menu ID there.You will get this JooCart shop menu item id from Joomla menu manager(e.g. 101) which you have just created. If you are using multi-language and you have multiple menu id for your shop menu item then put language prefix with equal sign before Item Id with comma separated values(e.g. en=101,nl=222,es=320).If you don't sure,then keep it blank.

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