JooCart has been released for OpenCart

NEW features done by OpenCart:
Updated the tax system added new functionality to cope with new laws bought about by the US and EU.
Taxes can also be assigned to different customer groups
Added auto complete in the admin for search for products, orders, customers, etc..
Added new payment gateway called Web Payment Software

FIXED issues done by OpenCart:
Added utf-8 helper functions so there is no need for mb extension to be installed.
Page speed rendering issue IE
Multi-Store Layout Change not working for second store



    * Easy installer using joomla Extensions menu(No need ftp to upload files for fresh installation)
    * Works with Jquery,Mootools,Prototype(No conflict mode)
    * Works with most of the joomla templates.
    * Manage OpenCart configuration and OpenCart users from Joomla admin panel
    * Ships with Joomla! modules
    * OpenCart interface displays into native Joomla! content
    * Unlimited Categories
    * Unlimited Products
    * Unlimited Manufacturers
    * Automatic Image Resize
    * Multi Language
    * Product Reviews
    * 20+ Payment Gateways Product Reviews
    * 8+ Shipping Methods Product Ratings
    * Joint joomla login.

Minimum requirements

    * Valid JooCart license purchased through our softPHP STORE
    * Joomla! 1.5 or newer
    * OpenCart v1.5.1
    * PHP version 5.2 or newer
    * MySQL 5 or newer
    * PHP-module CURL active
    * PHP-module SimpleXML active
    * PHP-module JSON active

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