JooCart,jCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

Improved Code
OpenCart inside

Bug Fixes included in JooCart after JooCart

Link in registration success page's message issue
Slideshow blank space at the bottom issue
Top menu issue for mobile users
Joomla Header and Footer module issue
Define variable warning issue
Little bit css issue
Joomla menu item with params warning issue
Issue with seo url for modal box
ocmod and vqmod confliction issue
Automatic extension uninstall issue if you connect it with existing opencart site
Catptcha Issue
function exists error with Joomla >=3.4
Remove item from cart not refreshing in cart and checkout page issue
Add to cart success message in product page issue
Small jQuery issue
Sending mail issue in newsletter with tinymce issue
CSS Issue
Image upload issue in admin panel
Multi Language issue when SEO URL enabled in Joomla
Database issue when joomla database hostname contains port number
Order edit issue from Frontend admin panel
Featured joomla module issue

And bug fixes from OpenCart Team

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