JooCart,jCart is released for OpenCart with new features and previous bug fixes.

New Features:

JooCart users and customers assignment to Joomla user group feature during registration.
Code improvement.
Latest opencart inside

Bug Fixed since previous version:

1. Minor jQuery and bootstrap conflict issue
2. Mootools conflict issue
3. Minor paypal express issue
4. Theme Editor issue
5. Sagepay payment gateway isue
6. Breadcrumb issue
7. Customer delete issue
8. User Login issue
9. SEO URL Issue
10. Minor backend css issue
11. Filter Module issue
12. Admin logged in frontend issue
13. Pa ywith amazon,Login with paypal module etc issue.
14. Frontend Admin panel issue
15. Language texts and some other minor issues
16. Joomla shopping cart module issue
17. Paging issue
18. Free checkout payment method issue
19. Customer approval issue
20. Minor stylesheet issue
21. UPS shipping module issue
22. Manufacturer seo url issue
23. Paypal express production mode issue
24. User logout issue

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