• Paypal Multi-seller Payments for JooCart Multivendor
Paypal Multi-seller Payments
1) Multiple Seller will be paid during checkout automatically, so no need to pay vendor manually by admin.
2) Customer doesn't' need to pay separately each vendor. All payments will be done together.
3) Admin commission will be paid automatically too.
4) PayPal multi seller payment api technology is used


1. Go to o your store admin panel. Navigate to Extensions -> Extension installer.
2. Click on the upload button. A dialog box should open.
3. Locate the installation file of this extension(paypal_multiseller_payment.ocmod.zip) and select it.
4. Now this module should be visible in Extensions -> Extensions->Payments->Paypal Multi-seller Payments
    After locating it in the payment methods list just click the install button (“ + ” sign)
    Then edit this installed payment method and configure and enable it by providing Client ID and Secret, Merchant Id

5. Vendor should provide their paypal merchat id during registration or account edit page.

6. Done

Paypal Multi-seller Payments for JooCart Multivendor

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